Planning A Wedding? Here Are Some Benefits Of Attending A Wedding Fair

Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or maid of honour- if you are planning a wedding, it is essential you attend some wedding fairs! There are a variety available, from large conventions to small and intimate fairs, there are multiple to attend and use for your wedding’s benefit. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your planning journey, or have completed it, a wedding fair is sure to be a day of fun and excitement. Due to having a wedding fair coming up at The Arlington Ballroom, we thought it necessary to express the many benefits of attending a wedding fair.


#1 Meet suppliers face to face


Sometimes it can be hard to translate your vision through messenger or over the phone. Therefore, it is always best to meet potential suppliers face to face and discuss every detail so that both you and the vendor are clear on your wishes. We are sure you do not have the time to visit every potential supplier in person, therefore a wedding fair allows a majority of them to be in one room at the same time, allowing you to get a proper insight into their services.


#2 Best place for wedding inspiration


Some brides know exactly what they want, others do not. Regardless of where you stand with your wedding vision, a wedding fair can allow inspiration for your ideal wedding. For example, you may never have thought to incorporate gold into your theme, but have now been inspired to consider this option- inspiration is key to successful wedding planning!


#3 Get up-to-date wedding trends


Every year brings new trends, some of which you will have never seen before. A wedding fair will be up to date with the latest trends, therefore, are the best places to visit if needing some extra guidance. The wedding suppliers will be the best people to talk to about trends, ideas and possibilities, therefore, make use of their wisdom.


#4 Ask as many questions as you want


Sometimes you can feel like a pest when you have 50 questions that are having to be sent over email… but, a wedding fair is held so that any and all questions are welcomed! Feel free to ask potential suppliers a million and one questions, that is what they are there for. As you are able to freely discuss with vendors, you will be able to choose the best suppliers for your wedding, leaving little room for mistakes. Plus, you may be able to bag yourself a discount!


#5 Highlights what you don’t want


It can be hard to determine what you want for your wedding, but it is easier to find out what you don’t want. Due to the variety of suppliers exhibiting at a fair, you will definitely be able to find what you do and do not want from a vendor, therefore ensure you are visiting as many fairs as possible to get inspired.


#6 Saves time


Wedding planning can be time-consuming, especially when ‘life’ gets in the way. Every opportunity to save time should be used, the best time saver? A wedding fair. With every supplier imagined in one room, at one time you can complete a large sum of wedding planning in one day. From potential venues to lingerie- a wedding fair has got you covered.

Join us on the 14th October 2018 between 11am and 3pm for our spectacular Wedding Fair at the ARLINGTON ROOMS, LEIGH-ON-SEA! To find out more about our event, visit our wedding event page.