Pros And Cons Of Seeing Each Other The Morning Of The Wedding

The tradition of sleeping separately and not seeing each other until you meet at the altar has been around for a long time, but some couples are sneaking a view. This blog is for our readers who are toying with the idea, we have collated the top pros and cons of seeing each other the morning of the wedding.




Extra photos – By seeing each other earlier than planned, you will have a lot more photographs of you together to have and to cherish. You will be able to have your coming together moment a lot earlier than usual, therefore more photos can be taken together rather than individually.


Helps to minimise nerves – For some, their other half is their comfort blanket. The ability to be with their fiance would be beneficial for those who know the nerves would take over, by having them there they can relax and enjoy getting ready for the big day. If you still want to keep your dress and appearance a surprise you can see them in the morning then return to getting ready separately- best of both worlds!

Have a private moment together – The opportunity to have a private moment together can be hard to resist, especially as the rest of the day will be flooded with family and guests. By being alone together you are truly able to appreciate the moment and prepare for the moment you become husband and wife.




Lose that special moment – Some couples agree that the moment your eyes meet at the altar is that one special moment in life that cannot be topped. By seeing each other before the wedding and not following in the process of delayed gratification, that shocking moment where you see your partner may be understated.


Has the potential to make you more nervous – Just as seeing your partner before the wedding can squash nerves, it can also heighten them. The realisation that you are about to marry in front of a large group of people can start to dawn on you, running the risk of the nerves overshadowing your enjoyment of the day.


Some say it is bad luck – The tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony has stemmed from believing it is bad luck and could pose threat to your marriage if the tradition is broken… take what you want from that statement- Just words? Or genuine risk?


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