Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Wedding Day

In order to have the best, most passionate and fulfilling marriage there are some questions to get out in the open before the ‘I Dos’ is said. With this knowledge, you can be rest assured this person is the ideal match for you. In this blog, we outline some of the necessary questions to ask yourself before your wedding day.


Is this a person I can’t live without?

This may be the person you think you want to marry, but is this the person you can’t live without? When matching it up to this criteria, you will be able to make a fully formed opinion of whether this is the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.


Is this person who I think they are?

Sometimes it can be hard to know someone inside and out, therefore ask yourself whether you fully believe they are who you think you are. If not, why not take some time to learn this other side of them in order to fully know your wedding partner before the official commitment is made.


Why exactly are we getting married?

It is important to know why you are getting married as this decision will either be the best or the worst of your life. You will want to be getting married for YOU and your partner, not for anyone else. If any second guessing on why you are getting married is made it is unlikely continuous happiness will occur throughout your marriage. Ensure this is for you and you only.


What is my family’s opinion of them?

Although not a dealbreaker, your family’s opinion will mean a lot on whether your marriage decision will work out for the best. Sometimes an outside opinion is able to highlight issues or problems that you may not have found by yourself. In the same respect, they may be able to highlight positive attributes you may not have found yourself either.


What are my pet peeves of them? Can I live with them on a daily basis?

A pet peeve may be minor but when experiencing them on a daily basis you may become easily annoyed and frustrated with your partner. Consider their bad habits and decide whether they are something you can live with, from personal grooming to licking their knife make sure to think of anything and everything.


Do I have any doubts about my love?

Your love should have 0 doubts, questions or queries. Your love is necessary for a well-fulfilled marriage, therefore understand how you love your partner and if marriage right now is practical.


Can this relationship just be us?

You will need to ensure it is only you and your partner in your relationship as only your opinions will matter. There is the saying three is a crowd, the same applies to marriages.


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