Reasons Why You Should Get Engaged This Christmas

‘It’s the most, wonderful timeeeeeeeeee of the year!’ Yep, you got that right. The lights, cosy jumpers and candles truly embody that magical and romantic feel on the run-up to Christmas. With the proposal process often being described as magical, what better time to get engaged than Christmas! It is no surprise that the holidays are the most popular time of year to propose, with the feeling of love running through the air.


Will Christmas 2018 be your time to get engaged?


The family is all together


Christmas is often a time where the entire family comes together to celebrate. With some families being close by and others being far away, it is the perfect time to propose so that the whole family can be personally involved. A phone call or text message saying your congrats is sometimes not enough, therefore by having them there in person you can give them the biggest hug and show off that ring!


Help on standby


Proposing can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for some, therefore because the family is together you have more people to help where necessary. Especially if you are hoping for your partner to be utterly surprised, the help of friends and family can really make that happen. Any issues that arise along the way, no stress! Help is on the way. We are sure any helpers will be flattered that you asked them to support you with one of the biggest moments of your life.


Endless romantic proposal possibilities


From the 1st of November until the 12th of January, love is in the air. The entire Christmas period is as romantic and magical as you would hope when proposing. There are endless activities and locations that embody your desired emotions for the proposal. For example, ice skating in London, in front of the Christmas tree, within a present or even during the new years eve countdown! The possibilities are endless.


The Christmas break


Most businesses close over the holiday season, therefore you will have some days to enjoy engaged life away from the office. With this short break, you will be able to have the engagement and then relish in the fact you are getting married! Without worry that you have endless amounts of paperwork waiting for you back at work. Your engagement is a time to be celebrated, therefore use this free time to appreciate your transition from partner to fiancé.


A story to remember


With Christmas being a popular public annual holiday, you are able to enjoy your festivities and share a prominent story to others- your engagement story. Can you just imagine it, your children and grandchildren gathered around the tree, hot chocolate in hand listening to the story of when you said yes? A truly extraordinary moment.

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