Royal Wedding – Meghan Markle’s Love For Peonies

Flowers are a key component for any wedding, as they add colour, texture and romance to your big day. As much as the dress is important, flowers are a close second. Flowers can completely change a venue and aesthetic, therefore it is important to thoroughly plan your floral desires.


Kensington Palace recently confirmed Meghan will have her favourite flower, the Peony, at the Royal Wedding on the 19th May 2018.  Meghan expressed her love for peonies in her lifestyle blog, The Tig, as well as her Instagram sharing posts of the precious petals on her feed. Meghan said that peonies make her “endlessly happy”, something all brides want from their floral choices for the big day. EVERYTHING at your wedding will have sentimental value, flowers being high on that list.


The timing of the Royal Wedding is perfect for Meghan’s flower choice due to May being the best time of year to pick peonies. It is important to know if your chosen flower will be in season at the time of your wedding. If they are out of season they will either be very hard to source and have an extortionate price attached or not cannot be sourced at all.


The wedding will also feature white garden roses and foxgloves to compliment the main focus of peonies. The floral design hopes to encapsulate a feeling of wild and natural landscapes. Meghan made sure to include pollinator-friendly plants in her designs as they provide a safe and welcoming habitat for bees and other wildlife- promoting a biodiverse environment. The couple has said that they will be distributing the flowers to charitable organisations across the UK.


We predict Meghan’s flower choice will influence brides for years to come in their floral arrangements. You may be thinking, ‘If peonies are good enough for a princess, then they are good enough for me’. Take a look at our florists and start your wedding flower journey today!