Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Nails

It is frowned upon for members of the royal family to wear bright nail polish, their nails must be neat, clean, and groomed at all times. Therefore it was no surprise that Meghan had a pale, opaque nail colour on the day of her wedding. It has been revealed that she actually wore Queen Elizabeth’s favourite nail colour, ‘Ballet Slippers’ by Essie which she has repeatedly worn for over 30 years. Kate Middleton wore the shade ‘Allure’ by Essie on her wedding day back in 2011, similar in its classic nude tones, however ‘Allure’ is slightly more transparent than ‘Ballet Slippers’.


Meghan also decided to wear nail polish for her ring reveal and engagement announcement, a shade similar to ‘Ballet Slippers’ but it wasn’t able to be specifically identified. However, every public appearance since the announcement of Meghan and Harry’s relationship, her nails have been either a french manicure or classic nude. Another staple from Meghan, simple yet elegant.


Nails are very important for your big day. You should choose a colour, style and length which represents YOU and will not scare you to look back at in 30 years time. Remember many of your wedding photos will have a focus on your hands due to your rings, so choose your wedding day nails wisely! Take a look at our nail technicians and plan your wedding nails today.


*Image from Essie’s Instagram Profile, shade ‘Ballet Slippers’