Royal Wedding: Meghan’s Bouquet And Its Meaning

Flowers often have meaning associated with them, providing insight to how the couple want to be as a wedded pair. Meghan’s all-white bouquet seemed to follow this rule as her flowers told a story of her and Harry and the values they wish to bring to their marriage.


Meghan’s bouquet included:


  • Myrtle – This flower is a royal tradition, the flower symbolises love and marriage. It was in 1858 that Queen Victoria first carried the flower as she walked down the aisle. She specifically picked this flower from her mother’s garden due to its associated meaning. From that time, it is a tradition for all royal brides to carry a cutting in their bouquet to have the good luck and prosperity.


  • Lily-of-the-valley – This flower signifies sweetness and happiness due to its fragrant smell and colour. Lily-of-the-valley is also known as the flower which represents the month of May, Meghan and Harry’s wedding was on the 19th of May. Some brides see this flower as the fifth item on the wedding checklist: Something old, new, borrowed and blue.


  • Astrantia – Astrantia has delicate, star-shaped flowers which represent and symbolise strength, courage, and protection. An important part of what marriage says to do for each other.


  • Astilbe – The Astilbe flower represents patience and dedication due to its meaning of ‘I will be waiting for you’ or ‘I’ll still be waiting’.


  • Forget-me-nots – Princess Diana’s favourite flower. It is said that Harry himself picked the flowers for Meghan’s bouquet from his mother’s garden. It was very important for both Harry and Meghan to incorporate Princess Diana into the wedding as much as possible. Meghan carrying her favourite flowers is a beautiful dedication and inclusion of her on their big day.


Your flower choice will appeal both visually for your photographs and have meaning behind them. This adds another sentimental thought for you and your partner of your big day. Take a look at our florists and start planning your wedding flowers today!


*Main image was taken from The Royal Family’s Instagram profile