Royal Wedding: Princess Eugenie’s Makeup

Now the Royal wedding madness has quietened down a tad, it is time to discuss Princess Eugenie’s makeup for the big day. With makeup being a vital part for any bride to be, when we saw how her royal highness had chosen to have her complexion, we knew we had to discuss it with you all.


Let’s just say it was simply stunning. The Princess was able to truly promote a vision of simple makeup that can truly shine on your wedding day. There was no heavy foundation, charcoaled eyes or bright lips, it was very natural but managed to enhance and show off  Eugenie’s natural beauty.


Her Royal Highness opted for soft and glowing skin, with rosy cheeks, a slight brown smokey eye and pink glossy lips. Although describing the makeup makes it sound extremely minimalistic, but when accompanied by the extravagant dress and bold accessories, Eugenie’s makeup was more than enough.


Princess Eugenie has previously expressed that she often opts for minimal makeup as she is always on the go, commonly doing her makeup in the car- We hope this was not the case for her big day! Eugenie actually chose the same makeup artist as Kate Middleton for her wedding back in 2011, Bobbi Brown’s Hannah Martin. Eugenie expressed a love for Bobbi Brown makeup, therefore it is no surprise that she followed the steps of her cousin-in-law.


Whether you’re hoping for simple and natural, or bold and glamorous, our Makeup Artist Suppliers can help you feel beautiful for your big day!