Searching for the Best Wedding Planner in Essex?

Don’t want to turn into a bridezilla when planning your wedding?

A wedding is more than just a romantic event, it’s one of the few times you’ll have all your friends and family together, in the same place, celebrating love and life. What’s better than that?

Naturally, you want everything to go as planned, as far as is possible (although even the best wedding planner can’t change the weather!). 

There’s so much to think about when planning this type of event, many people prefer to use a professional planner or coordinator instead of organising in themselves.

Are you searching for the best wedding planner in Essex?

The Wedding Guide is experts in helping couples all over Essex to plan their dream wedding, whether they’re after a simple-do or a more extravagant event.

We can ensure that every element of your big day is first-class. Whether you’re worried about finding the perfect dress, fretting over invitations, or still haven’t found that dream venue, The Wedding Guide has helped thousands of couples to organise their wedding.

We literally cover all aspects of wedding planning, including connecting you with the best suppliers in your local area and finding the best live music.