Social Media At Weddings – When Is It Acceptable?

With the rise of social media, it is inevitable that the question of it being acceptable at weddings will occur. Some will encourage it, others will ask it is avoided- it is completely down to you on your preferences, it is your big day after all. There are some general rules, or social media etiquette, to follow therefore we have outlined those in this blog post.


Do not post any pictures of the bride before the groom has seen her


If a wedding hashtag is provided, use it!


Always get the bride or grooms permission to post a photograph if they are included within it


Respect the couple’s social media wishes regardless of what they are


Always allow the photographer to take the photo, professional images are always better than smartphones so let the photographer do their thing


Avoid using flash photography when the photographer is present as this could ruin the appearance of their photographs


If the bride wants a photo removed, respect her wishes. It is her day, therefore if she does not want a particular photo shared then that is down to her


Save the photo upload for the next day. If you are constantly on your phone throughout the day you may be missing out on some precious moments, save photos for after the wedding!


If you are taking photos on the big day, make sure to send them to the bride and groom as there may be some hidden treasures


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