Wedding Speeches: The 5 Faux-Pas Of Speech Writing

By now, you may have received endless advice on what to include in your speech for the big day, but have you been told what not to include? No matter what type of speech you may be doing, there will be things which you want to avoid mentioning at all costs- avoid that ‘too much information’ reaction from your guests.


Swearing – Remember who will be listening to your speech. Yes, you may have a young group of people who encourage swearing after every sentence, but you will also have elders who will not appreciate it. Be appreciative and respectful of those listening.


Family – Do not speak badly of the family. Nearly everyone attending the wedding will be family, therefore the last thing you want to do is antagonise them whilst giving your speech. Keep the speech light-hearted, humble and pleasant to listen to.


No Blabbering – Do not start sharing random stories with no context to the wedding, this will lengthen your speech and your audience will become bored. If you become bored whilst writing or reading back your speech you will probably need to cut it down. With your speech: write the beginning with a few quick and punchy anecdotes, the middle with a single dazzling story, and a heartfelt ending.


‘Too embarrassing’ moments – Laugh-out-loud worthy moments are encouraged to be included in the speech, but anything which will mortify any of those involved should remain hush hush.


Arguments – Perhaps one of the most important faux-pas to avoid – DO NOT include the couples previous arguments in the speech. The last thing you want to do is mention an argument and reignite the disagreement… maybe not the best way to start married life.


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