The A-Z Of Wedding Planning

(Almost) all there is to know about organising your dream wedding…

A – Advice

Accept it, listen to it, but don’t necessarily follow it. When we ask couples for their advice, a common answer from them is not to pay too much attention to everybody else’s opinions and ideas. You should listen to your venue and your suppliers (after all, they’re the professionals) but when it comes to how Great Aunt Ivy thinks you should style your hair, be polite and go for that UpDo you had in mind.

B – Bridesmaids

You might feel obliged to ask your sister in law, your cousin or your finance’s brattish little sister, but you don’t have to have anyone. Choose those who have truly been there for you through both the good and the bad times, someone you know will have your back on the biggest day of your life.

C – Cake

What’s the thing people comment on most during a wedding (apart from how gorgeous you look, obviously)? It’s how extravagant and tasty the cake looks! So, do your research, get creative and be sure to choose something really special.

D – Dress

This is what all the guests have been waiting to see and the single most important aspect of any brides’ wedding. It’s often everything you imagined wearing on your big day from a young age. This said, don’t be tempted to go over the top, especially if it’s because you’re trying to impress or please relatives.

E – Entertainment

Following the reception comes the party. Whilst booking a band or DJ, think about your guests and the type of music they won’t mind shaking their hips to, so that Great Aunt Edna isn’t forced to dance to techno.

F – Family

You love them dearly, but you probably haven’t seen some of them for years. Take the time to speak with everyone on the big day.

G – Guests

Whether you choose to have more of an intimate wedding or lavish ceremony, the sooner you establish who your guests will be, the easier it will be to book a venue, arrange catering and so on.  Additionally, while you should make your day personal to you, don’t forget to be considerate of your guests experience in the process. After all, you want this to be a day they enjoy reminiscing about and choose to bring up in conversation from time to time.

H – Honeymoon

Admittedly, not the most important part of a wedding or a marriage, but getting away from it all will feel like a relief after such a busy day and a hectic year or so. Try and book this as early as possible or look out for special offers to get the best price.

I – Invites

The invite is usually the first contact your guests will have for the day itself and your plans to celebrate your marriage together. Therefore, it’s important you use your invitations to set the tone, while informing your guests of the important information they need to know. Even the wording will give your guests an indication for the type of wedding you are planning – traditional or modern? There is an etiquette surrounding the wording of a wedding invitation that can be followed or used a guideline.

J – Jewellery

Whichever jewellery you wear on your wedding day should be plain and compliment your dress. To design your wedding jewellery bespoke to you, it will be worth sitting down with a jeweller to discuss your ideas.

K – Killer Heels

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a stunning pair of Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s, your wedding is the perfect time to splash out – you’ll be able to wear them again and again to remind you of your special day (unlike the dress or veil). If their very high though ensure you pack a pair of flats for the evening’s dancing.

L – Lingerie

Wedding lingerie is traditionally a firm favourite with the brides, so why not splash the extra cash – it could make all the difference to your wedding night!

M – Money

Sometimes the price of a wedding can seem astronomical. Before you begin planning or booking your suppliers, sit down with your partner and work out what you can afford. It’s worth noting the national average for the cost of a wedding these days is around £20K.

N – Nails

This one applies to the groom as well as the bride. While it is an opportunity for the bride to get pampered and look even more glamorous, the groom should also think about having their nails filed down a day or two before the wedding (and that doesn’t mean biting them!)

O – Order of Service

Traditionally reserved for church services, this contains details of the ceremony including the words of a hymn you have chosen for your guest to sing. Nowadays, many couples are also providing orders of the day – timings of the ceremony, reception, cake-cutting etc – either with invitations or clearly displayed inside the venue.

P – Photographer

Don’t underestimate the importance of a photographer. You’ll continue to look back on photographs from this day with fondness for the rest of your life. Therefore, book the very best you can afford and make sure you like them and that they share your vision – you’ll be spending a lot of time with them so ensure you know how they will interact with you and your friends.

Q – Questions

Not only will you get asked a lot of questions throughout your wedding planning, “How do you get from the church to wedding reception again?” but you’ll be asking a lot of questions too. You won’t always remember what you need to ask so keep a pen and paper to hand so that when a moment of inspiration or confusion strike you won’t forget.

R – Reception

This is an enjoyable part of the day. Keep it traditional, simple, but not too long. Don’t settle for the first place that becomes available and make sure when you visit the reception room you also ask to see examples of the menu. Get a written statement of what they intend to provide.

S – Speech

It’s the moment of the day when the best man has his opportunity to dish the dirt on the groom. Usually, the main men of the family, including the best man, makes a speech in front of the seated guests, but these days the bride has chosen to have a go too. Do it if you feel comfortable and use notes if needs be.

T – Themed Weddings

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or outlandish, it can simply refer to the colours that run through your day or the general ambience you are trying to replicate (vintage, seasonal, enchanted etc.) Choosing a theme or colour scheme will help with decision making.

U – Ushers

As part of the wider bridal party, including bridesmaids or the best man, it is the Ushers duty to arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony   and assist in seating guests and handing out the order of services. They should be the last to sit down before the brides arrive. Traditionally, one usher is assigned to 50 guests, however many couples now match the number with the number of bridesmaids for symmetry in the photographs.

V – Vows

Most couples still follow the tradition when it comes to wedding vows, however by adding a line or two of your own can give the ceremony more of a personal touch.

W – Wedding Rings

If you want something more personalised, than your traditional gold band, forget the High Street windows and find yourself a local jeweller or goldsmith who can design and make a ring.

X – Xxx (Kisses)

Keep a stick of lip balm to hand throughout the day, both the bride and groom will be getting plenty of kisses from friends and family.

Y – Why?

Much of your wedding planning will seem stressful and the day itself will be taken up with speaking to guests and being congratulated by friends and family. However, aside from all this the bride and groom should remember why they are prepared to commit the rest of their lives together and give each other a few moments of contemplation.

Z – Zero Regrets

After the wedding has finished and you’ve arrived home from your honeymoon, you and your partner should have absolutely no regrets about the day. Getting married and planning the wedding should be a once in a lifetime opportunity so treat it like one and soak up every moment – this is your day!