The Essential Hen Party Planning Checklist Part 1

Here is your checklist for the ultimate Hen Party! Follow as much or as little as you wish, but here is everything you need to know for a fool-proof party for the bride-to-be.

Four months before

Find out what the bride-to-be wants! 

It is her hen party, therefore you will need to get some insight into the sort of thing she wants. Dancers? Pyjama party? Skydive? There are endless possibilities, therefore insight into what type of hen she wants is valuable information in the planning process.

You need to find out:

What kind of hen she wants

Where she wants it to take place

Who she wants there

When she wants it

How involved she wants to be in organising it

Budget! Never forget the important discussion of money

Meet with the hens

Now you know all the above information, you need to get together with the hens to discuss possibilities. At the point, the bride would have said how involved she wants to be so could or could not be at these meetings! Good luck with the planning.

We advise steering clear of an alcohol-infused evening, nothing good comes after a bottle of wine when planning a hen. With the information provided by the bride, the overall plan of the hen can be drawn up and the general basis will allow the rest of the plans to be completed easily. 

You will need to discuss venues, locations, activities etc to then create a schedule. With this information, initial calls can be made to see if the dream can be made a reality. 

Regular updates with the hens are key

Perhaps make a hen party group chat? This will make hen party planning a lot easier when it comes to chasing payments, informing people of changes, and double-checking details rather than individual messages and having to relay information.

Always book in advance

Although months away, the earlier you book the easier it is to stick to original plans and get a better rate! Of course, you will want to keep costs to a minimum, therefore booking early helps with this.

Set up a spreadsheet

Time to get organised… no judgements, please! Organisation is key to a fabulous hen. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of necessary information, here are some examples of columns to include:

Hen names

Individual payments to be made

Individuals payments already made

Confirmed/unconfirmed bookings

Hen due payments (e.g. venue cost due April 3rd, £250)

Two months before

Final round up of payments

It can be difficult to round up everyone’s payments, therefore asking them way in advance saves the awkward ‘you still haven’t paid for ***’ on the night. Now you have your spreadsheet, it will be easy enough to track who has paid for what and when. Use your group chat to kindly remind who owes what!

Send invites

Although your hen party know when, what, who and where the hen party is you still need to provide a formal invite. Think of it as the final cherry on the cake and signifies it is definitely happening! Also a great keepsake. Physical or digital, you decide but a formal invite is necessary.

Itinerary time

Did you like making the previous spreadsheet? If so, put those skills to work by creating a full rundown of the hen night. By now all plans should be in place, therefore formulating all this information and sending it to everyone allows all hens to know what to expect and their individual role they play during the night.

You can read part 2 here for more hen party checklist items!

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