The Mums

The Big Decision

What better excuse does a mother need, than to buy a fantastic new outfit for her son or daughter’s wedding?


The Outfit

The day ahead will be full of excitement and sheer exhilaration, not forgetting a few tears of joy along the way. Before you start looking for your outfit, both mothers must discuss with the bride suitable colour schemes. After all you are part of the bridal party and it would be nice for the photographs if you all tone in with the general colour scheme of the bridesmaids and gentlemen members of the party.


Hats, Shoes and Handbags

You may decide to go for the subtle sophistication of a smart tailored suit with a twist of glamour added by beading or lace details to the jacket. Alternatively, there is the sheer elegance of a flowing dress made out of floaty chiffon or splendid crepe, accessorised with a neck scarf.
Hats, shoes and handbags should all be picked to compliment your outfit, and work in harmony with it, along with any jewellery you have chosen to wear.


Style That Suits

Remember it is better to wear the style that suits you rather than what you think others expect you to wear! There are a wide range of boutique shops, who specialise in dressing the mother of the bride so it is well worth your time visiting them and trying their sample items. They will give you help and advice. Purchasing your outfit should be enjoyable and not a chore