The Perfect Flowers For Your Spring Bouquet

Spring brides, this one is for you! We have collated our favourite spring flowers that you could use for your wedding. Remember, certain flowers only bloom in their outlined seasons, therefore it is essential you choose flowers that will be available at the time of your wedding or face the risk of limp, lifeless and expensive bouquets!


A firm favourite of many spring brides, including Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Her Royal Highness used a variety of peonies, roses and foxgloves for her wedding day, a beautiful combination. They work perfectly alone, or mixed with other flowers and produce elegant beauty and delicateness with unforgettable perfume.


A great choice for many weddings as roses are available in a multitude of colours, therefore any theme has matching flowers. As well as naturally, roses can easily be modified to grow in any colour- even rainbow! The rose is one of the strongest symbolism of love throughout the world, therefore are often found at weddings.

Sweet Pea

A mixture of lilac, dark purple, light pink, sweet pea is a traditional climbing flower that is found in many spring bride bouquets as a filler flower. They provide the delicate touch needed to accompany statement flowers. As well a looking pretty, they produce a beautiful scent!


Purple lilacs symbolise the first emotions of love, how appropriate for a wedding! That is the beauty of such flower, they are an amazing feature at many spring weddings with an underlying symbolism for you and your partner to enjoy. Although small, they grow in large clusters for you to use as you wish throughout the venue and bouquets.


Similar to the peony, ranunculus can be matched with pretty much any flower to provide the perfect texture and tonal range. Depending on your arrangement, you can make these flowers as rustic or as elegant as you wish with accessories and pops of colour!


Looking extremely similar to a pompom, you only need a few hydrangeas to resemble a full bouquet- Great for brides who do not want to use a lot of budget on flowers! Ranging from pale to bright, any colour scheme will find a match with hydrangeas.

Check out our Florist Suppliers and choose a trustworthy and experienced florist for your spring wedding, they will be the true expert!

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