The Wedding Day Big Debate: Heels or Flats?

To some, the shoes you wear on your wedding day may be the last thing you think of. To some it is one of the first things they consider- Will they match the outfit? Are they comfortable? Will you manage the whole day in these shoes? Can you dance in these shoes? And most importantly; flip flops- to pack or not to pack?


Some women find walking in heels comes naturally to them, walking with such elegance and fluidity. However, to some, they appear to have as much grace in their walk as Bambi on ice. This is something to think carefully about when on your wedding day. There will be guests, photographers, and videographers, all with the potential to see you fall on your face if not wearing the best shoes for YOU.


Comfort is key on your wedding day. The average wedding day lasts for 10 hours from start to finish… that is a long day to be wearing shoes which you may not be comfortable in. For some brides, they incorporate both types of shoes into their day, heels for pictures and ceremony, but flats for the wedding breakfast and partying- taking the worry of 10 hours in heels drastically down *phew*.


Ask yourself, can I handle walking in 5” heels without falling on my face? If you mentally said ‘err of course’ then the search begins for your wedding day heel, which you will wear with confidence! If you sat and wondered, questioned or fully knew you are unable to walk in heels then flats may be the best option for you. But do not be discouraged if you thought no, a variety of shoes are available for you to wear on your wedding day with the same amount of stylishness and sophistication as a pair of heels.


Our suppliers have a range of footwear to select from, from the highest heels to the safest pair of flats- They have got you covered!