The Wedding Guide’s 5 Top Tips To Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume

Your wedding scent will be a memory for a lifetime, every time you smell it you will have flashbacks to the day you transitioned from Miss to Mrs… therefore, make sure you choose a scent that you love and want to represent your marriage. Keep reading to find out our 5 top tips to choose a perfume which is best for you and your wedding day.


  1. Ditch the everyday scent

With a day as special as your wedding day, you do not want a perfume which is a staple on your skin. You will want to choose something unique so that on the rare occasion you do spray it, you automatically envision yourself as a bride. If there is a particular style of smell you like, go for something similar yet different in order to keep the chosen scent special.


  1. Oil based is best

A perfume which is oil based rather than water based is likely to last a lot longer on your skin. There is nothing worse than a smell that only lasts for an hour, you will want it to last all day. We advise choosing a fragrance oil or an Eau de Parfum as they usually contain more oil than an Eau de Toilette.


  1. Skin VS Card

You will only get the true sense of a smell when it is sprayed onto your skin, often when on a card it struggles to smell of anything else other than alcohol. Why not try a perfume a day until you find one which smells just right, lasts all day and embodies your dream wedding. The best places to spray are behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat aka cleavage, your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee!


REMEMBER: Do not wear any scents prior to trying perfumes, you do not want a skewed smell!


  1. Let the fragrance settle

Make sure to leave enough time for the perfume to settle, often it takes up to 30 minutes to fully dry and be able to smell every note. If you are in a rush, ask the assistant to supply you with some samples so you can take the time to properly smell the scent and gather whether this could be the one.


  1. Custom perfume

If you have smelled every perfume and just cannot find the right one, why not go to a perfumery and have a spray custom made. This will mean all of your favourite types of scents, memories and wedding venue are considered and blended into one unique fragrance. Places such as Jo Malone, Unique Fragrance and Waft all offer custom services.


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