The Wedding Guide’s Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Wedding Fair

If you plan on attending wedding fairs, it can be hard to know how to prepare and what to expect. Therefore, for all our newbie brides-to-be, we have written this blog to give you our top tips and tricks to get the most out of a wedding fair.


Tip no.1 Take your time

You have plenty of time to make your way around the fair, do not stress and panic. If you are stressed you will not be able to get the most out of discussions with potential suppliers, so make sure to take your time.


Tip no.2 If you feel overwhelmed, take a break

As mentioned above, you have plenty of time, therefore if you are starting to feel overwhelmed simply take a break. Step outside for 10 minutes, sit down and have a drink- by taking those few minutes to relax you will reap the benefits of a clear mind.


Tip no. 3 Take business cards of any suppliers you like the look of

However, then take a picture of their business card so that you do not lose it! Little cards can easily be lost, do not potentially miss out on your dream supplier by always having a backup on your camera roll.


Tip no.4 Always ask if there are any discounts available

A wedding fair is the best place to ask for a discount, therefore if you have found the supplier of your dreams it does not hurt to see if they could knock a % off as a gesture of goodwill.


Tip no.5 If there is a discount, ask how long this offer will last

It is not good practice to book a supplier impulsively. Unless you are 110% sure, always get the vendor’s details and take a night to sleep on it. If the supplier does have a discount, ask when the offer will end so that you have as much time as possible to think thoroughly about the decision.


Tip no.6 Do not bring people who do not want to be there

If someone does not want to be somewhere, it can bring down the mood of the entire group. You will want company who are excited to be there with you to maintain the level of excitement throughout.


Tip no.7 Do not feel pressured

You do not need to make decisions there and then, you have the right to say no or to think about it. It is your wedding day, therefore your decision.


Tip no.8 Be open minded

You may have gone to the wedding fair with an exact idea of how you want your entire wedding, but do not shut down other ideas because they are not exactly how you envisioned it. Be open-minded, at the end of the day you can still say no if you are sure you do not want to go through with that supplier.


Tip no.9 Bring swatches of your colour scheme and fabrics

If you have decided on colours or features, make sure to bring samples or pictures so that potential vendors can follow your vision properly and give you a precise quote.


Tip no.10 Carry a comfortable bag

You will be getting a large number of leaflets, business cards and samples, therefore, you will need a suitable place to carry them home without being lost. Make sure to have a bag that is big enough and comfortable enough to carry throughout the day.


Tip no.11 Your organiser/calendar/notebook

You will want to make note of names, prices, availability, colours, styles etc. therefore having one place to document all this information will be helpful when needing to refer back. Why not invest in a wedding planning notebook, or dedicate a section of your phone to wedding planning?


Join us on the 14th October 2018 between 11am and 3pm for our spectacular Wedding Fair at the ARLINGTON ROOMS, LEIGH-ON-SEA! To find out more about our event, visit our wedding event page.