Bride Edition: Things Not To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

We have spoken about what you can do the night before the wedding, but it is also important that you know what NOT to do. By avoiding all those mentioned in our blog, you will avoid any added stress to the wedding day.


Don’t try to finish/add to wedding planning

Everything should be complete now, nothing that you add, remove or tweak can be implemented overnight. Leave everything and focus on YOU. Some of the worst things to do the night before are to try and complete random DIY tasks, write your vows or finalising the seating chart. All should have been completed days, even weeks before the wedding date! Take this time to have some ‘me-time’.


Don’t party too hard at the rehearsal dinner

Excessive alcohol consumption before the big day is a big no-no. You will want to feel at your best and a hangover definitely does not do that. Alcohol is also a cause of bloating, the risk of not fitting in your dress is definitely not worth it. This is a special occasion so you should definitely celebrate but remember your limits and do not get carried away.


TIP: drink the same amount of water (or more if you can) of water, it is the dehydration mainly which makes you feel ill, therefore if you drink plenty of water you should be ok.


Don’t try to do a last minute tan- regardless if it’s fake or not!

There are two routes you can take with a last minute tan- being as red as a lobster or have crazy tan lines, both not cute. If you are having a destination wedding we cannot stress enough the importance of not risking tanning your skin just before you are about to have copious photos and video content taken of you. We are sure a burnt nose is something you don’t want to look back on.


TIP: Have a spray tan two days before the wedding. The ‘three shower’ rule is your best option as it balances and neutralises the colour on the skin!


Don’t try new food

New food is risky for your stomach, it is not the time to be trying that new curry recipe you borrowed from Jane. A belly ache is not ideal the night before or the day of the wedding, therefore, stick to what you know!


Don’t try new products

Similar to food, new products run the risk of reacting with your skin. You will want the best version of your skin as possible therefore leave no room for a nasty rash or spots to appear. Keep at the beauty routine which you have in place.


Do not overthink

There is no use in thinking about all the things you could have done differently, what could go wrong tomorrow and that you cannot control everything. You have done all the planning you could and we are sure you will have an amazing day! If anything bad does occur, it will be your bridal party led by your maid of honour that will resolve the situation to the best of their ability, without you having a clue. The night before is the ideal time to sit back, relax and start getting excited about your big day.


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