To-Do List For The Mother Of The Bride (MOTB)

It is completely down to the bride as to how involved the mother of the bride (aka MOTB) is in the wedding, but traditionally the mother of the bride is a role dedicated to the smooth running of the wedding party and the reception. They are also there to keep the maid of honour in check in case they start to slack on their duties, the mother takes her ‘mum’ instincts and duties to make sure her daughter is happy with everything!


Here are a few to-dos for the mother of the bride in the run-up, as well as on the day of the wedding:


  1. Support the bride and groom in creating the guest list. They may be able to mention a few family members who may have been missed, we don’t want great-aunt Miriam to be left out. Or even remove guests if the list has become too long, therefore too expensive.
  2. Monitor the sending of invites, keeping a watchful eye on the RSVPs. This is important as it will inform catering, venues and the seating plan.
  3. Help organise the seating plan. A seating plan monitored by the mother of the bride is very important as there may be family politics which the bride and groom may not have been aware of. There is nothing worse than a table scowling at each other because they have been sat together.
  4. Ordering the wedding cake is a big job. Often the centrepiece of the wedding, therefore an honest and valued opinion is a necessity. Mums are there to be truthful, who better to ask?
  5. One of the biggest worries of a wedding is the ceremony and reception not being set up in time. The MOTB is there to make sure the venue is ready to go as soon as the bride and groom arrive. Ready to whip people into shape if they are slacking!
  6. Supplying information to guests about appropriate gifts. We are sure a useful and desired gift is better than something random which the couple will never use. Therefore, the MOTB gives advice, to those who desire it, on what to buy the newlyweds.
  7. The mother of the bride will also look after the gifts during and after the wedding, making sure they are stored in a safe place.
  8. Of course, the mother of the bride will be there to advise on the wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses. Her experience and wisdom will flourish when helping decide on dresses.
  9. Any duties which are required while the happy couple is on honeymoon. Whether that be looking after their dog, watering their plants, feeding the goldfish or even stocking the fridge with a few essentials for when they get home.
  10. Reminding you that she loves you! There are times when you will be feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. At these times the mother of the bride will give you a big hug, remind you of her love for you and that everything will be perfect in the end.


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