How To Get Your Business Seen In The Saturated Wedding Industry

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How To Get Your Business Seen In The Saturated Wedding Industry

It can be hard to stand out in a crowded room, think of the wedding industry as the same. It is brimming with new, old, unique, common, lazy and energetic businesses but it is your objective to make yourself stand out to clients. You need to make them believe you are the ONLY option for their wedding, this blog helps you to do this. Keep reading to find out.

Set yourself apart from competitors

First things first, you need to conduct competitor research. No, not everyone in the industry is a competitor. Highlight those who offer similar products/services within your target area, these are your competitors. Then, look at their entire offering as a business. A website, social media, email, leaflets, business cards- anything and everything associated to that business that you can get your hands on will provide you insight into who they are, what they offer and what their niche is. This research will teach you what not to do, what to do and ideas for the future. Never underestimate the power of competitor analysis.

Appear on a wedding directory

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get clients, appear in a reputable wedding directory. Essentially, they are doing the hard work for you. They are getting brides to their website, therefore if a visitor clicks on your listing they will most likely be interested in your product/services. If you know they are specifically interested in you, it is much easier to convert the visitor into a customer- thank you wedding directory. There are a variety of packages available, therefore any budget can utilise this option.

Utilise important strategies

Customers are constantly developing, therefore the strategies to appeal to them will also change. You need to stay up to date with marketing best practices and utilise strategies that are sure to convert customers. If not, you are sure to see your business fade into the background. Remember, although necessary do not assume that YOU directly need to make this happen. There are marketing agencies that can help do this!

Offer discounts

The main thought of ANY customer, ‘how can I save money?’. With almost every bride having a budget that they need to stick to, the opportunity to have a discount applied is extremely appealing and could potentially be the deciding factor on whether they will proceed in purchasing from you. You do not need to halve your prices, simply look at what your competitors are doing and your own capabilities and decide from there.


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