Leaflet Design To Attract Potential Bridal Customers

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Leaflet Design To Attract Potential Bridal Customers

The design of every printable piece of marketing is vital, as this is what ultimately attracts the customer and makes them want to read your message. It’s all good writing content to best suit your audience and get the best quality paper to print on. However, if you haven’t got a good design to go with it, customers are likely to ignore your brand leaflet- not good. With the popularity of the wedding industry, ensure you stand out from the crowd.


One of the main elements you will want to consider for your leaflet is the font. Putting information in a difficult to read font style will do you no favours. People are more likely not to stop understanding your message if they have to read it more than twice. So, keep your font clear! By making it hard to read, you’re alienating the target audience, discouraging to read on. Have a single font to represent your brand and use it for all marketing materials to keep consistency.


Images help to break up blocks information so they don’t look text heavy. However, too many images will act as a distraction to the customers, therefore finding a balance is key. As well as this, if the pictures are not relevant to the information the leaflet will confuse readers rather than encouraging them to pursue a relationship with your business. Try to maintain a structure with the images and keep them consistent, along with the wording.



Control the colours. Don’t let it control you. It’s tempting to splash a bunch of colours together and make it the background colour. This is probably the worst thing you could do. You want to select colours that reflect your brand and theme of your information. Additionally, select a colour theme for your print is by selecting colours that compliment each other and represent you.


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