Small Wedding Business: Biggest Marketing Challenge + How To Resolve It

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Small Wedding Business: Biggest Marketing Challenge + How To Resolve It

Wedding businesses can face a range of issues that cause reason for concern. However, the most common that we see is the fact that they do not believe in their online presence. It can be hard to focus attention into a method of marketing that has minimal proof of gaining profit for the business but online marketing is a lot more than just money. Your BRAND is vital to success and a brand cannot be developed without an online presence- they simply go hand in hand. Keep reading to find out how you can resolve your no.1 issue.


Although it may be small and upcoming, you need to believe that developing your brand regularly is worthwhile for your business. Think long term rather than short term and you will thank yourself. Most online marketing methods are also free, therefore as a small business making use of these free but highly impactful methods is recommended. Here is a list of essential methods you need to start, develop and continue to put an effort in to, in order to reap the benefits:

– Company blog
– Email marketing
– Organic search engine optimisation
– Social media marketing
– Website maintenance
– Make use of all analytics available


Without utilising these techniques you will see it will limit your ability to gain wedding leads, the main aim of any marketing, additionally with your brand being developed at the same time. In order to effectively complete all the following necessities, you will need to research on best practices and ensure constant attention is provided. Or, hire a marketing agency to handle all the hard work for you whilst producing top results.


However, before you start these online marketing techniques you will need to develop your content strategy. This will enable your efforts to be strategic, targeted and more likely to produce results as, without it, your efforts might be wasted and unable to convert. With converting leads being a prominent reason for your efforts you will need to ensure all time, effort and resources are being used fully and effectively. Once the strategy has been developed you will then need to implement this into a plan.


This should, as a minimum, include:

– A detailed description of the ideal bridal customer
– Your core message and reasoning for your business
– Your niche and unique selling point that sets you apart from your competitors
– The chosen strategic methods that will allow you to succeed
– The ideal communication tools most suited to your audience
– How you plan to gain leads through these online techniques
– How to nurture customers even when they make a purchase
– The calendar where you want the content outlined
– The budget needed to achieve the desired success (money, time, resources etc.)
– Indicators of success within your analytics
– Predictions of success and how you will achieve this


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