‘Why Is My Wedding Business’ Website Not Bringing Me Customers?’

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‘Why Is My Wedding Business’ Website Not Bringing Me Customers?’

Got a new website or had a website for a while, but no one seems to visit it?

This is a common and very costly mistake for wedding businesses both young and old.

Given the right attention, your website should be your best marketer and your best salesperson. So why is this not the case with your business and how can you change this around? Time to answer the age-old question of “Why Is My Wedding Business’ Website Not Bringing Me Customers?”.

Review Your Website


Every few months you will need to do a review of your site to see if there are any elements that are not working, displaying correctly or misinformation. Google Analytics or other software will give you this information. You will also need to think- “what does success for the website look like?” and “how does that fit with my wedding business?”.

Think About Your Clients

After a review, you will need to think about what customers you want to connect with, this will help pinpoint the type of website they want to see and use. Looking at your existing customers and researching others will enable you to be as strategic as possible with your site content.

You now know who you want to come to your website, now you need to decide what you want them to do. Why are they going to come to the website? Why should they contact you? What will keep them on the website?

Adapt Your Website

Now you can start making changes to your website to ensure it fits with your plan. It should enable your prospective customers to take a journey on your website which results in a purchase or contact with you. For example, if your plan is to implement a regular blogging schedule into your working day, ensure you follow through with this so that your customers will truly benefit. Once they are on the website, the site should be able to naturally allow them to convert. If it does not, it may be time to reconsider the structure and content of your website.

Draw Attention


The most effective method for grabbing people’s attention is not by talking about your products/ services, their features and how great you are for them (that’s what the service pages on your website are for).

The best way to draw people to you is to help them start their journey. You need to answer their questions about your service/product before they even think to ask or decide on a business to spend with. Think about the questions frequently asked by your customers, what are their pain points and how does your product/ service help them overcome that. Make your company appear as experts in the wedding industry!

Synergise Your Content

You then need to take all the above and make it so that your blog, emails, social media accounts and reflect that on an ongoing basis. This will not give you an overnight return on investment, but this is how marketing is done- build a brand identity. This is all because consumers have the freedom and power to choose, therefore good branding is essential.

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