Twilight Weddings: Everything YOU Need To Know

You may have heard of a ‘Twilight Wedding’, or you may not. Before you start imagining Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, this is not that type of wedding. A Twilight Wedding, in essence, is a ceremony after 5:30 pm, then straight to a reception- the wedding breakfast is not included. This is a great alternative for those who have a smaller budget, find wedding breakfast’s boring or simply want to get to the partying as quickly as possible!


A Twilight ceremony can be very romantic as you have the sun setting, producing warm orange and red hues whilst you say the words ‘I Do’, the simple trick of lighting can make your wedding look a lot more expensive than what it is- why not make the most of mother nature itself. The usual order of a Twilight Wedding goes as follows:


5 pm – 5:45 pm = Arrival drinks and canapes for guests

5:45 pm – 6 pm = Guests make their way to their seats

6 pm = Ceremony starts

6:45 pm = Ceremony concludes

6:45 pm – 7 pm = Guests make their way to the reception

7 pm – 12 am = PARTY!


Now you know what they are, here are some helpful tips to consider if you are leaning towards a Twilight Wedding.


  1. Timing is VERY important

If you want a sunset wedding, make sure to research the sunset for your chosen wedding day. The season at which you are having your wedding day will indicate when to expect your sunset. When you check your sunset time don’t just check once, make sure to double and triple check the time to ensure you do not miss or peak too early. If you would rather the sun set during your photos rather than the ceremony, we advise beginning the ceremony at least 30 minutes before the timed sunset.


  1. Location is vital

Tip: Visit your venue in the evening, at sunset and at night to make sure it is how you envision it and get a clear picture of how your wedding will look on the big day.

Some great questions to ask yourself when at the venue are, is the sunset going to blind your guests, or you? Will the lighting clash with your colour scheme? What other lighting will suit the venue at night?


  1. Consider your lighting carefully

There are many lighting options to suit the aesthetic you are aiming for, remember a majority of your wedding will be in darkness so choose lights which are visually appealing as well as providing sufficient lighting for guests. Some examples of lighting options include Chinese lanterns, fairy lights, candles, accent lights, show lights- the list goes on!


  1. Consider your entertainment

Entertainment is a staple during your reception because you know your reception will most likely be at night so why not choose a type of entertainment to play to this… Fire breathers? Fire dancers? DJ set with club lights? Glow in the dark dancers? Tea light dancers? There are so many unusual entertainment options for you to consider.


If you are considering having a Twilight Wedding, take a look at Our Suppliers list to be inspired!