Unique Christmas Wedding Cake Flavours

Most wedding cakes follow the traditional vanilla or chocolate sponge… yawn. This blog is for our unique brides who want to switch things up and go for a scrumptious, delicate tasting cake. We have previously spoken about individual cake flavours, but this blog focuses on the winter tastes that your Christmas wedding can use!


Chai Tea & Honey


This is a chai tea sponge cake with a honey buttercream to top. The balance of the spices within the sponge with the lightly sweet taste from the honey makes the perfect combination.




A play on the traditional chocolate cake, the use of a sweet cracker based with dark chocolate ganache and marshmallow buttercream. If you are feeling extra fancy, why not infuse the marshmallow buttercream with orange, winter berries or peppermint?


Vanilla with Coconut, Pecans & Bourbon


The perfect combination of ingredients, the true succulent flavour of this cake is soaked throughout. Often recommended as a naked cake so that the rustic appearance of the sponge and filling shine through.


Peppermint & Double Chocolate


If you are a mint chocolate lover, this is the cake for you. The cool mint taste truly embodies that winter chill, whilst the double chocolate provides that warm spice flavour.


Brown Butter Spice Cake with Cream Cheese & Maple Buttercream


This cake combines all the popular winter spices into one sponge, with maple sweetness combining the layers.


Mexican Chocolate


The twist on traditional chocolate, a slight chilli taste provides that warmth from the inside. If you are looking to surprise your guests with a different taste than expected, this is the cake for you.


Butter Almond & White Chocolate Ganache Filling


The only way to describe this cake is ‘warm and inviting’. With a traditional sponge, the white chocolate filling adds that additional sweetness.


Sugared Pecan & Brown Butter Filling


A great finale to the wedding breakfast, this cake is the perfect combination of sweet, toasty and spiced whilst remaining delicate.


Bourbon Vanilla & Raspberry Filling


For a light alcoholic kick, bourbon is able to take the smooth taste of vanilla and hit tasters with a unique warmth with the raspberry giving a sweet rush at the end.


White Chocolate & Pomegranate Curd Filling


White chocolate is incredibly sweet, however, combined with the sharp tang of pomegranate this cake is far from sickly. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also looks amazing with the contrasting colours.


Gingerbread & Eggnog


Perhaps the most Christmas-y of all, this gingerbread and eggnog cake is able to truly embody the essence of the festive season in one bite. The perfect resemblance of sugar and spice.


If you are looking for a unique winter wedding cake for your wedding, look no further than our trusted Cake Suppliers!


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