Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas That Will Make Them Say YES!

Valentine’s day- the most romantic day of the year. A day dedicated to love, the perfect choice for someone wanting to propose to their other half. You will want to make this valentine’s day a valentines day to remember, therefore we have collated our favourite ideas that are sure to make them say YES!

They cannot say no to chocolate

The most common items associated with valentine’s day are red roses and chocolate, why not keep things traditional and incorporate them into your proposal. Imagine it, a room full of red roses, heart balloons, burning candles and their favourite chocolates… it is giving us goosebumps even writing this! Allow this incredibly romantic and private moment to be enjoyed by you and your partner.

Recreate your first date

Of course, this depends on your first date and how far you have come. We are sure recreating when you were 16 and took your partner for a McDonalds may not be seen as romantic, but the sentimental value that the first date signifies may be the most passionate and loving notion for your relationship. Think carefully, could this recreation be the proposal of your dreams?

At a restaurant of meaning to you both

There may be restaurants of significance to your relationship, therefore why not use that location to propose! Where you said I love you for the first time, where you found out you were going to be parents, where they asked you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend or even a restaurant you have been desperate to go to but did not have the justification to visit? A location of meaning to the relationship will really make your partner swoon.

Give them a surprise

For some people, the art of a surprise outweighs any option available. This could be the most random, unknown and unpredictable surprise you can think of, but remember who exactly your partner is and what your relationship stands for. If your partner hates anything extravagant, random or shocking try to avoid giving them a scare rather than the proposal of their dreams. Similarly, if they are someone who dislikes the casual, mundane and simple proposals make sure to give them what they desire! Extravagant? Flash mob, a trailer of your relationship at the cinema, or personal song played by a local busker in town. Simple? Hidden in their favourite book, inside their morning cereal box, inside a bouquet of flowers. There are endless possibilities.

Photo album…. RING!

The use of thoughtful, hand-made and personal gifts are a winner for nearly everyone. Why not make a photo album of your relationship together, each page personalised with stories of your time together. As each page progresses, their heart will be so full of love… then tadahh! The ring of their dreams, this is your chance to get down on one knee and give them the question they have been waiting for their whole lives for: ‘Will you marry me?’

‘Good morning… will you marry me?’

You could even save all your surprises, romantic gestures and gifts till later that day, why wait? As soon as you wake up on the morning of the 14th of February, turn over and tell them good morning then ask the big question. This gives them the entire day to marvel in the fact they are engaged to the love of their life.

Good luck with your proposal!

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