Wedding Advice For The Pregnant Bride

We like to think of pregnant brides as our extra glowy brides. What is more magical than sharing your big day with your unborn child? Whether you’re a few weeks pregnant or towards the end of your pregnancy, we are sure you will have the perfect day. However, with an addition to the family comes additional advice that you will need, to ensure the day goes to plan.




Babies are unpredictable, especially when pregnant. Therefore, you need to put in those extra plans to ensure you remain as organised as possible. How far along you are will decide how your plans will need to be changed or tweaked to fit with being a pregnant bride. For example, you may think you can wear high heels for your wedding but always have a backup pair of flats on hand. You may have originally planned to wear your wedding dress throughout the day, but have a plan in place so that if you are uncomfortable you can change.


Remember, you can tell who you want when you want


If you are early within your pregnancy and want to keep it a secret until your return from honeymoon, do it! This is your wedding, your baby and your life, therefore you can announce (or even never announce) whenever your heart desires. Some brides even use their wedding day as the best place to announce their pregnancy, it is completely down to you. However, if you have developed a prominent bump it may be best to let your guests know so that there is no speculation on the big day.


Have a strong support system


Wedding planning can be a mammoth task for some, let alone wedding planning whilst pregnant. Make sure to use all of those close to you and lean on them when you need support. Be clear on what you need help with, we are sure those closest to you will be more than happy to oblige. Even if you think you do not need help, you will. Do not let yourself become overstressed- prevention is key! Your bridal party is your support system.


Self-care is key


Although wedding planning is important, make sure to spend time participating in self-care both to benefit you and your baby. These 9 months will fly by, therefore take the time to bond with your bump and appreciate your pregnancy. Not only will performing self-care help with your pregnancy, but it will also help with your preparation for the big day. Make sure to have plenty of sleep, remain active and eat healthily!


Choose/alter the dress strategically


You will need to think realistically regarding your dress. Make the appropriate actions in regards to how far you will be in your pregnancy when your wedding date arrives. For example, if you are 5 weeks pregnant do not choose a skin-tight wedding dress that cannot be altered to fit your bump when at 28 weeks pregnant on your wedding day. Allow for plenty of fittings, alterations and amendments so that both you and the baby are comfortable in the dress.


Consider your menu… cravings


Anyone who has been pregnant understands the role cravings play in a pregnancy. Something you may LOVE one minute may be something you absolutely detest the next. Try not to choose your wedding menu based on a current craving, think realistically about what you and your guests will want to eat.


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