Wedding Day Tan: The Dos and Don’ts You NEED To Know

Regardless of your experience with tanning options, most brides will want that bronzed glow on their wedding day. However, the risks are there! Streaks, patches, reactions, orange tone… all propose the ability to ruin your wedding, therefore we have compiled the dos and the don’ts of the wedding day tan.




Have multiple trials


We cannot stress enough- Hire a professional to apply your fake tan! We all think we are pros, but we are most likely not and increase the risk of the process going wrong. With a day such as your wedding day being such an important event, leave no room for mistakes. There are also many types and brands of tan available, all have different formulas, therefore, will work differently for everyone. Trial and error which tan works best for you and produces the best results for you. We recommend having a trial when you choose the dress and 2 weeks before the wedding day. This allows plenty of time to tweak if need be,


TIP: Choose a lighter tan if you’re wearing a white dress, if it is ivory go for a more medium tone.


Take a picture of your dress


This will help your professional in the application as your style will determine areas which will need focus.


Have your hair and makeup trial after you have tried your spray tan


Once you have had tan applied, leave 2 days for the true colour to come through. Then have your hair and makeup trial to ensure there are no clashes and your artist has the correct shades for you. If not, the trial gives them time to purchase a shade which suits you. This also means guidance on how to have your hair on the big day and the hairdresser can perform accordingly to what suits for colour.


Timing is essential


Timing is key in order for the tan to develop properly and not transfer on to your dress. Orange smudges on your dress will not look great in pictures, allow enough time for the residue to go and the true colour come through. We recommend having tan applied at least 2 days before the wedding to avoid any mishaps. This also means you will have enough time to remove the tan if it was to go wrong *hopes it doesn’t*.


Stay true to yourself


Do not stray too far from your natural colour. This will make you appear fake and sometimes even dirty, not the goal for your wedding. We recommend 2-3 shades darker than natural so that you see the effect without it being obvious. Too dark of a tan will also clash with your dress and appear harsh in your wedding photos against your groom.


Preparation is key


The general rule is wax or shave the day before (at least 24 hours between tanning and hair removal), exfoliate and don’t use excess body lotion- apply a small amount to dry areas where tan can catch e.g. elbows, knees and heels. DO NOT wear deodorant, perfume or scented body lotions as you will turn green. Yes, green! Avoid them at all costs, we recommend having a shower on the morning of your scheduled tan to wash off any and all scents.




Hot water can disintegrate tan


Showers in between your tan and the big day is advised, but try not to use water which is too hot as it will break up and wash away your tan.


Do not use soaps in excess


Lots of bubbles and suds will remove tan quicker and could leave you with patches, only thoroughly wash the essentials if you catch our drift!


Drying process


Do not rub yourself dry after a shower or bath, use patting motions to ensure you do not disturb the application.




Try to use unscented products to minimise the risk of reactions which result in patches and streaks.


Be careful with your cuppa and brushing your teeth


Hot drinks and toothpaste can cause colour run or staining around the mouth, therefore, be careful! There is only so much your makeup artist can do- if the base is disturbed it is hard to cover.


Handsfree and bra free


After you have had your spray tan, make sure to wear loose clothing which will not rub onto your skin and try to go bra free. Bras are the most likely culprit to ruin a tan, therefore go braless and run back to your car, no one will ever know! Try not to carry a bag on your shoulder, they can also have the same effect as a bra. Especially not ideal for those sporting a strapless dress on the big day.


If you would like more support with your wedding planning, make sure to visit our helpful blog!