Wedding On a Budget: 29 Helpful Tips To Keep Costs Down

Whether you have a small budget or love to keep costs down, this blog is for you! Read on to find out 29 of our favourite money saving tips which you should use for your wedding.


Make the most of interest – When saving for the big day, make the most of the interest which comes with a savings account. Make sure to choose the best type of savings account for you with the best interest rate possible.


Prioritisation is key – Once you have a budget, write a list of things you want at your wedding then prioritise them. From here you can remove items which are not necessary for the day to be a success.


Choose out of season – Out of season weddings can have savings of up to 50%! Choose a weekday or even a winter wedding to keep the costs down.


Uncover hidden charges – Venues often have hidden charges, therefore ask as many questions as possible and make note of all their answers.

Here are some examples of questions to ask:

  • Does the price include VAT?
  • How much is corkage?
  • Is service included?
  • Is there a minimum headcount or charge per person?
  • Is the cloakroom free?
  • Are there extra costs for lighting?
  • Is there a marquee hire charge?
  • Is there a charge for tables, crockery, glasses, linen or chairs?
  • Will we get exclusive use or are there other weddings there on the same day?


Do not over-invite – Be selective on your number of guests as they are often where the costs add up, especially with catering.


Get lots of quotes – Get a variety of quotes so that you can see if you are overpaying or not. Some businesses like to push their luck, make sure to pay the correct amount for what you want.


Haggle as much as you can – If you don’t ask you don’t get, make sure to haggle to ensure the best price is given. Or even ask them to include something for free. This is especially useful for weddings which are out of season.


Use your guest’s talents – Have a friend or family member who is a cake maker? In a band? A magician? Has a catering service? Anyone who can help your wedding efforts even if they can only save you a few pounds can make a big difference to the final wedding total.


Never borrow more than you can pay back within 1 year – If you cannot pay it back within a year, then it is unreasonable to borrow the money. Avoid high-cost credit at all costs!


Use your credit card to pay deposits – Credit cards are a great resource to pay your deposits with. Often, if something costs between £100 and £30,000, the card company is jointly liable for the whole amount. Therefore a great back up plan if something goes wrong with your vendors.


Do not overspend – Before you buy anything ask yourself:

  • Will we use it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Have I checked if it’s cheaper elsewhere?


Utilise online outlets – Outlets can have you saving up to 80% off retail price, especially useful for suits, shoes, bridesmaids dresses and gifts!


Think creatively – Think of all the venue possibilities, not just the common ones. Other types of venues include local sports clubs, village halls or church halls- it is how you decorate them which matters!


Choose wedding insurance which is right for you – Do not overspend on wedding insurance which covers much more than what you have, choosing one which ticks all of the boxes for you will be sure to save you money.


Last minute cancellation snags – A cancelled wedding can mean a huge saving for your wedding, look out for last-minute options.


Second-hand wedding dress – A wedding dress will be worn for a matter of hours, why not buy a second-hand dress. As long as it is mint condition, it is basically brand new.


High street bargains – Many high street retailers now have their own wedding dress lines, make sure to check them out as you never know- you may find the one… for a fraction of the price.


Use Amazon and eBay for decorations – Use these online shops to really save some cash. Why spend ridiculous money on decorations when you can find the same on eBay.


Use websites, tools and apps – The best way to keep costs down is to budget accordingly, do not let any money slip through the cracks- every penny counts!


When talking to suppliers, avoid saying it is for your wedding – Some suppliers instantly crank up the price if they know it is for a wedding. Avoid saying the ‘W’ word to save you some money.


Go DIY for your invites – You can create stunning invitations at home. You can buy invite packs on the internet for much cheaper than hiring a professional invitation company. Also, homemade means a more personal touch for guests.


Make your own confetti – Why not use a heart hole punch to create your own confetti. Confetti has a large markup on its price, making your own is a lot more cost-effective.


Small savings can considerably help – Why not cut out that daily morning Starbucks, put the money you would spend on your coffee in a pot and see your savings rise! Apply this to any of your daily purchases.


Flog your unwanted items for £££ – If you have a large amount of unused, good quality items why not sell them for extra money towards your wedding.


Buy your own alcohol – Finding the best-priced alcohol using the internet can save a LOT of money for your wedding. Alcohol providers, again, often increase prices considerably, therefore, providing your own avoids this problem.


Have a twilight wedding – The most expensive part of a wedding is the catering. Why not have a twilight wedding? This is a wedding which does not have a wedding breakfast, they go straight from an evening ceremony into the wedding reception and buffet.


Decorate your own cake – A great way to keep costs down is to buy and decorate your own wedding cake. If you go for a minimalistic design, we promise nobody will even notice you did not go to a professional cake maker.


Ask for money as your wedding gift – Why not ask for money as your wedding gift to pay towards your wedding. Memories are most often the best gift you can give, therefore asking others to contribute is a great way of making your wedding dreams a reality.


Use other methods of transport – Why not use other methods of transport such as a black cab? Or your cousin’s new convertible car? Or even walk?! The possibilities are endless for what you can save for your wedding.


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