Wedding Reception Decoration Must Haves For Every Bride

As much as the venue will do the talking in terms of your theme, decorations are necessary to truly embody the thoughts, feelings and vibe you hope for. Every wedding is different, therefore different accessories will be used, but there is a list of must-haves you need to know to ensure your venue looks great on the big day.


You, the maid of honour and the mother of the bride will not be available at all times. There will be points where all three of you are busy, therefore cannot help guests if they get lost. No need to worry, provide signs! These signposts will keep guests on track, keeping the ‘i’m lost’ phone calls to an absolute minimum. Also, they look pretty cute too.


Once everyone is seated, the room’s decorations can easily be hidden therefore letting the theme slip slightly. Keep it continuous by having statement centrepieces that embody the theme, it also makes a bog standard white tablecloth stand out. Whether your theme is glam, vintage, traditional, modern- everyone will need centrepieces!


Regardless if you are a summer or winter bride, candles provide the perfect romantic feel to a wedding. As well as romance, they provide natural lighting and even some warmth for those in the chilly months. Also, think about the photos! Candles create the perfect aesthetic for wedding photographers to utilise for your photo album. Always make sure your chosen venue allows candles, if they do not- no worries. You can always use battery powered candles as an alternative.

Seating plan

Similarly to the signs, you and the other two main organisers will not be readily available at all times. Therefore, providing a clear seating plan for guests will enable the transition from welcome drinks to sit down meal easy and stress-free. The main advice we can give any bride is to adopt anything that will make the day easier, the seating plan is one of them. This is also your chance to show off your creativity, from Disney themed to Harry Potter, from vintage mirrors to world maps- there is something for everyone.

Children’s activities

If you are having children at your wedding, it is best practice to provide them with a few activities to do. Bored children? Not good at a wedding. You will want to keep them entertained to prevent the tears, tantrums and tattles, not ideal mid father of the bride speech… This could range from word searches, bowls, soft play, bouncy castle etc. Even better, if your budget allows it, why not hire a wedding nanny? A professional nanny will ensure children stay safe, have fun and avoid tears during the most important parts of the wedding. 


A great memorable gift to yourselves is a guest book. The main feature at many weddings, it enables you to provide guests with something to do whilst making a great keepsake for you and your partner. Filled with advice, love and memories, a guest book is a great idea for all brides.

Gift box

Of course, gifts are never expected. At most weddings, gifts come as standard. Therefore, provide an area to store gifts for you to collect at the end of the night. This can be as creative or as basic as you would like, a lovely addition to your theme!

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