Wedding Traditions: Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe


You have probably heard the rhyme ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ but, most forget the final part- ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’. It is traditionally the father of the bride that slips a silver sixpence into the bride’s heel before she is walked down the aisle. The coin represents luck and prosperity in marriage!


As well as in Great Britain, other countries follow the tradition at their own interpretation. In Sweden, before the wedding, the mother of the bride gives her daughter a gold coin that is then put into her right shoe. Differently from Great Britain’s tradition, this tradition signifies wealth for the bride and her husband in their marriage.


In Spain and Latin America, the groom will give his bride a coin once the rings have been blessed. This coin symbolises his willingness to share all that he has currently and in their future together. This coin will be kept as a family keepsake and will be passed down to the first born son to give to his bride one day.


The tradition can also be found in Poland and Lithuania. It seems around the world a coin can symbolise a lot more than simply a form of money. As the full rhyme starts to be rediscovered by millennials, the rise of silver sixpence sales significantly increases. In a matter of minutes they sell out, therefore you will need to be quick if you want to follow this rising tradition.

You can purchase your official silver sixpence on The Royal Mint’s website, they are currently awaiting stock but will be going live soon so keep an eye out!