What Makes an Advert Effective?

To put it simply, the answer is impact.

The reality is that with any advert, whether that’s online, in print or outside, the time you have to make an impression on your audience is seconds, so your image and headline must make an impact.

Less is more.

Having made the decision to invest in advertising space, clients are often tempted to cram it with as much information as possible. However, this just creates a cluttered and confusing advert that gets ignored among other similar
amateurish efforts.

It’s far more effective to produce a clear and succinct ad that connects with your target audience and doesn’t appear too overwhelming or undermines your brand. The following hints determine what makes an advert successful:

  • Provide information quickly and concisely
  • Don’t confuse the reader or force them to hunt for the appropriate information
  • Call the viewer to action with a phone number, email address or web address

Make the most of the spaces you have.

Don’t be afraid of white spaces or what some may call a “waste” of space. If anything, this helps focus the reader’s eye line to the information that is going to earn you sales.

If produced to a high standard, advertising will help raise your brand awareness, connect with your target audience and ensure your investment pays off.

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