What To Eat In The Run Up To Your Wedding

Whether you are aiming to lose some weight, tone up or feel overall healthier it is important not to leave your wedding preparation until the last minute. There is no need to panic juice cleanse a week before, ensure you plan the correct diet for your needs, desires and body!


Best food for glowing skin


Fatty fish, nuts and seeds


For glowing skin, naturally occurring fatty food as these keep skin cells plump and hydrated. However, before you start demolishing the crisps, cake and chocolate you need to know it is only naturally occurring fats that are good for your skin, the unhealthy version may take the opposite effect. It is mainly the Omega 3 found in fish, nuts and seeds that help the skin, we recommend Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel and plant sources such as chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts.


Best food for collagen


Broccoli or strawberries


As much as beauty products promise to boost collagen, some of the best sources are actually found in food with vitamin C. By being consumed, your body is able to take vitamin C more efficiently and put the collagen back into the body. Some of the best foods to intake such minerals are Broccoli, Cauliflower, Peppers, Strawberries and Citrus fruits.


Best food to avoid stress


Leafy greens or pumpkin seeds


Although stress is inevitable, there are foods that will help alleviate the amount being endured. It is the magnesium found in food that helps reduce stress and anxiety, sometimes known as nature’s natural stress remedy your magnesium filled meals will be best. Foods such as pumpkin seeds, cocoa and leafy greens are packed with magnesium if you are feeling the pressure try to introduce one of these into your daily diet.


Best food to avoid bloating




Although persistent bloating is something to talk to your GP about, the occasional bloat can be helped. Your gut health directly correlates with bloating, therefore consuming fermented food rich in good bacteria will help this. Foods such as full-fat greek yoghurt, kefir, fermented vegetables will significantly help.


Best food for energy


Brown bread and brown rice


Carbs are not your enemy, they are your source of energy! You will need plenty of it in preparation for the big day as you can experience a sleepless night or two crammed with wedding planning. Especially if you are starting to introduce large amounts of exercise into your lifestyle, you will need to properly fuel it in order to reap the benefits. If you are not consuming enough energy-rich foods, your body will start to have a hormone imbalance which will mean more production of the stress hormone… not good.


Best drink for everything… WATER!


Water is your best friend on the run up to your wedding. Dehydration can lead to a lot of problems that can be avoided if plenty of water is consumed. It is recommended a minimum of two litres should be drunk, try to reach this amount every day in preparation for the big day. However, maybe not the day-of as we all know the struggles of trying to use the loo in a wedding dress!


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