Why You NEED A Photobooth At Your Wedding

Are you considering a photobooth for your wedding? This blog outlines why you NEED one at your reception, explaining the many reasons why photo booths are a great choice. 

Photo Booths are essentially an area of the venue reserved for taking photos! These can be manned cameras or booths, with a box full of goodies for you to use- hats, glasses, signs, the limit does not exist! 


They provide a level of interactive entertainment for all guests to enjoy. A great icebreaker and encourager for guests to come together and bond over a turkey hat. It can be hard to get one side of the family talking to the other, therefore a photo booth provides that silly fun which stops any awkwardness in its tracks. Many brides are a fan favourite of a photo booth, with the following reasons making it clear why!


As well as being entertaining on the night, a photo booth saves (and also sometimes prints) images for you to look at the morning after, 1 year after and even 50 years later! A great keepsake for you to look back at whenever you feel like it. Sometimes the album is a bit too formal, whilst being mainly images of you and your partner therefore with a bulk of photobooth images you will have photographs of pretty much everyone at your wedding.

Suitable for all ages

It can be hard to entertain the children, adults and elderly at a wedding… wrong! Photo booths are a crowd favourite for everyone involved. With an array of silly props, everyone will enjoy wearing huge sunglasses, Santa’s hat and a feather boa regardless of their age.

Wedding favours

As previously mentioned, some photo booths sometimes provide a printed version of the photo for guests to keep their own copy. With a digital version for you to keep and a printed copy for guests, everyone’s a winner. It can be expensive to buy a favour for everyone at your wedding, therefore a printed image of them is a great alternative whilst being a lot cheaper, win-win.


Regardless if you have a bold or simple theme, you can customise your prints to follow your theme. Pirates? Flowers? Romantic? Gothic? Literally, any theme can be put onto your prints to suit you. Also, you can add your married names, wedding date and wedding hashtag!

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