Wedding Updates To Your Groom’s Attire

Be Complimentary

Once the bride has decided on her colour, theme and style of dress it is time for the groom to decide on his attire.

In today’s modern world, there is now a wide choice of outfits for the groom and his male attendants: the traditional style of a morning suit, the timeless elegance of the frock coat or the Prince Edward jacket, the contemporary nehru jacket or the less formal, but very smart lounge suit.

It is a good idea to echo your bridemaid’s colours in the ties, cravats or waistcoats of the male attendants. For those finishing touches wear a double cuff sleeve with cufflinks and ensure your shoes are shiny.

You can hire any of the above outfits from a variety of menswear shops. It is always an advantage to order and have your fitting for your hire clothes at least 3 months before the wedding.


Top Hats And Tails

If the groom decides to wear top hat and tails then all other male members of the bridal party must follow suit. Morning suit is usually available in black, grey and navy blue, accompanied with striped trousers and the look is completed with a waistcoat, cravat, top hat and a pair of grey gloves. Frock coats and the short style of the Prince Edward jacket are available in a wider range of colours than morning suits.


Nehru Jackets

Nehru Jackets are becoming increasingly popular, available in fabrics such as silk, rich velvet, and brocade, with either black or matching trousers. Finally the lounge suit, which can be accessorised with a fashionable tie to create an exquisite, unique look.